My Bad

So yeah, if you go riding around in the empty lots of local steel remanufacturing facilities, just sightseeing and taking pictures of random scrap heaps? They don't like when you do that.


kohn said...

you should have told them you were just looking for 7075-t4 aluminum tubes so you could further enrich your uranium.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in the conversation that led up to the point where the cop let you take this picture.

Anonymous said...

Richard, is that you? Good to hear from you!

I kind of didn't actually get permission to take this picture; I just pulled out the camera and started shooting. I did make sure he was watching me, though, as I reached into my pocket, and I didn't do it until he'd run my license and satisfied himself that I was not actually a Crazed Fugitive Sociopath.

I think my telling him and his partner about the purple morning glory I was about to photograph right before their cars pulled up, and the way it was winding around the barbed wire fence... they pretty much knew I was just some doofus.