A Fun Morning With Veda

We're letting Mom sleep a little bit right now, playing in the light by the window, making some coffee and listening to the latest Weepies album. But she wanted to say Hi, so I told her I could probably type one-handed.


Hello, I'm Ryan Noel. said...

That is a good Thursday morning. Dig.

Kimberly said...

She is trying so hard to hold her head up. That is just too darn precious. What a strong girl! Hope you guys are doing well. Getting rest while you can. You look so happy and peacful with your little girl! I bet you are wrapped around those little fingers already! You are in trouble Daddy!

- Kimberly

Anonymous said...

Look at her!!!! I'm so glad I was able to view this, even if it was in patchy pause-ridden spurts because my internet sucks royally. She is absolutely gorgeous. You look so happy, Colin. So does she. I love you guys :) Can't wait to see you next weekend.