More Veda Than You Can Shake a Breast At

Why have I taken so long to update the blog and tell you what Veda's up to? I've been too busy taking pictures of her, that's why!

(She's wonderful, by the way. See for yourself. This is the whole story of her birth, from labor to coming home. That first one is Lope hiking in the snow, a few days beforehand.)


Chantelle said...

Precious! I loved reading the captions for each picture. You can definitely feel the love. I wish you three every happiness!

Anonymous said...


Love and hugs

Magnoliawhispers said...

wonderful, wonderful! Jack and I poured over the video, back and forth, discussing the photos and picking our favorites! Thanks, it means alot, since we couldn't be there. We have to say she looks like you!

Colin said...

So glad you like the pics. I'd love to know which ones you guys picked, and I'm sure looking forward to Veda meeting her grandparents whenever you can come to visit!