I Took Your Advice

Okay, so maybe it was time to get out and get some fresh air. So this weekend, that's just what we did.

We sat out on the sidewalk on a pool float and looked at all the leaves...

And went to the coffee shop to hang out with some little friends...

Even had a date on Friday night, at our favorite local restaurant Cerulean, thanks to ace sister-in-law and emergency babysitter Brittany.

We got to go for a hike in the woods with Vince...

And go to Mentone (see, it says so right there on the right) for a baby shower for Veda's new cousin Elijah.

There we got to eat cake, and see relatives,

...and even play a little football out in the field right across the street.

On Sunday we went to Elkhart - way out of this little town of ours, to an, um slightly bigger little town - and have lunch with different relatives at Panera bread, where Penny's towering uncles quipped that they'd never eaten at anyplace like this, and I asked "like what?" and they said, "healthy."

And on Monday, in honor of Columbus Day, we voyaged waaay out into uncharted territory and went back to Elkhart/Goshen. That's where the apple orchard is, and that's where Veda got her first experience with heavy farm labor, which we plan to make a big part of her life from now on. We even got to bring Grandpa along, who drove all the way up from South Carolina and made Veda smile pretty much nonstop. He got a bunch of Indiana produce to haul back south with him.

...All of which was a lot more fun and enriching than, you know, staying home and calling your relatives Nazis. Makes for better pictures, too.

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